Want to be a Camping Warrior? 🏕 Camping Checklist

Want to be a Camping Warrior? 🏕 Camping Checklist

Make the most of springtime by packing basic camping supplies in your car for a fun night under the stars.

When you have all the essentials in your car, you can drive up to any campsite you want for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Here’s a list of what to pack for a great outdoor experience. 

  • A sturdy tent to protect you from the elements
  • Sleeping bag, pad, pillow, and extra blankets 
  • Headlamp to see in the dark
  • Cooler, water jug, propane stove, cast iron pan, cups, plates, and cutlery
  • Fuel for the stove
  • Camping chairs
  • Foldable table
  • Car floor liners
  • First aid kit 

Don’t forget to add a list of personal items like clothes, warm socks, toiletries, books, and games to play (we never leave home without cocoa and marshmallows). 

Ensure your car floor liners are durable, flexible, and waterproof to protect your car floor, keep messes to a minimum, and make cleaning a breeze!