Installation and Maintenance

Installing your SmartLiner floor liners is effortless with our custom-fit design, ensuring a snug, secure fit without modifications. For maintenance, simply remove the liners, clean with mild detergent or a vacuum, and air dry to keep them looking fresh and protecting your vehicle's interior with ease. Drive confidently knowing your vehicle is safeguarded by SmartLiner's premium-quality liners.

Step 1: Add Water

Start by adding water to your cleaning process. This helps loosen dirt and debris on the Smartliners' surface.

Step 2: Add Mild Soap or Use a Wet Wipe

For tougher stains or spills, apply a mild soap solution to the Smartliners. Gently scrub the affected area with a sponge or cloth. Alternatively, you can use a wet wipe to clean smaller spots or spills.

Step 3: Wipe and Dry

Thoroughly wipe the Smartliners with a damp sponge or cloth to remove any remaining dirt or soap residue. Ensure they are completely dry before placing them back in your vehicle.