Tips By Vehicle Type – Smartliner USA

General Fitment Tips

Smartliner floor liners are a great way to protect your vehicle's floors from dirt, grime, and spills. Here are some general fitment tips to ensure that your Smartliner floor liners fit perfectly:

  • Remove old floor mats: Before installing your Smartliner floor liners, make sure to remove any old liners that may be in your vehicle.

  • Clean the floors: Ensure that the floor of your vehicle is clean and free of any debris before installing the Smartliner floor liners.

  • Check for compatibility: Make sure that the Smartliner floor liners you have purchased are compatible with your specific make and model of vehicle.

  • Align the liners: When installing the liners, ensure that they are properly aligned and cover the entire floor area.

  • Secure the liners: Use any provided clips or fasteners to secure the Smartliner floor liners in place and prevent them from shifting or sliding around while driving.

  • Already own Smarliner floor liners? Click here for maintenance instructions.

    Different Car Body Styles

    Passenger Seating Arrangements in SUVs and/or Mini Vans

    Different Truck Cab Styles

    Other Features your Vehicle May Have

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