General Information for Truck Fitment – Smartliner USA

We provide 3D Custom fit Floor Mats, cargo liners and truck bed mats for a wide variety of vehicles, that sometimes it can be a little frustrating having to answer a million questions. That is why we created this guide, to help answer any questions that may be asked when you are looking for the perfect floor mat for your car. These are just the most common questions you may find, but if you have any questions we have a dedicated team to assist you with any questions you may have. You can contact us here.

Cab Sizes/Types

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Standard Cab

There’s only two doors and room for one to two extra passengers.


Categorized by having four doors (2 full & 2 smaller doors that open once the front doors are open)
Also known by the following names: Super Cab (Ford), Quad Cab (RAM), Extended Cab (Chevy/GMC 2013 & under), Double Cab (CHEVY/GMC 2014+), King Cab (Nissan), Access Cab (Toyota)


Four standard doors that open up to two full rows of seating.
Also known by the following names: Super Crew (Ford), Crew Cab (RAM), Extended Cab (Chevy/GMC 2014+), Crew Cab (Nissan), Double Cab (Toyota)


Beefed-up crew cab, keeping the same basic design but adding more room in the rear to make the interior almost like a van
Also known by the following names: Mega Cab (RAM), Crew Cab (Chevy/GMC), CrewMax Cab (Toyota)


Seating Types


Rounded or Contoured seat made to fit only one person.


Relatively flat seats extend the full width of a vehicle's interior and usually have no divisions between passenger seating areas


Types of Flooring



Other Features

Floor Shifter

The shifter is usually located on the hump, making over the hump coverage difficult.


Optional underseat storage for tools, weapons etc. Can be locked or unlocked.


Optional in some vehicles, can be placed in various areas such as under the driver seat, cargo area or trunk of your vehicle. If you are not sure if your vehicle has this please consult your vehicle's owner's manual.


Truck Brands We Cover

  • - Colorado
  • - Silverado 1500
  • - Silverado 1500 Legacy
  • - Silverado 2500 HD
  • - Silverado 3500 HD
  • - Silverado/ Sierra 1500
  • - Ram 1500
  • - Ram 2500
  • - F-150
  • - F-250 Super Duty
  • - F-350 Super Duty
  • - Ranger
  • - Ridgeline
  • - L200
  • - Titan
  • - 1500
  • - 2500
  • - 3500
  • - Hilux
  • - Tundra
  • - Tacoma
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