Care + Cleaning

Although your Smartliners require minimal care, certain activities
should be avoided to increase the usable life of the product.

Do not allow liquids to become trapped under your floor mats. When cleaning the floor on your vehicle, please ensure it is completely dry before placing the mat back in your vehicle.

Considering the waterproof nature of our mats, if any moisture or liquid becomes trapped under the mat, it will not dry. If your vehicle's flooring gets wet, the mat should be removed as soon as possible until the floor is completely dry.

Prolonged exposure to moisture or liquid under the mats may cause mold or mildew, possibly damaging your vehicle's fabric carpet.
Cleaning Steps
No Chemicals
Do not us chemicals or solvents to clean your mat. Any abrasive cleaner may damage the surface of the mat.

Cleaning Materials
Clean using only hot water and a damp sponge or cloth. If you have a sticky or greasy spill, you may use a mild soap (such as dish soap)

3. Wipe + Dry

2. Add mild soap or wet wipe

1. Add water