XtremeMats Under Sink Cabinet Mats now on Smartliner USA

Xtreme Mats Under Sink Cabinet Mats for Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry Cabinets

At Smartliner USA, we offer the ultimate protection for your cabinets and floors with our under-sink mats, designed to shield against damages from plumbing leaks, stains, scratches, product or chemical spills, and so much more. Xtreme Mats under cabinet mats have an incredible liquid holding capacity of up to 3.6 gallons, positioning us as the industry leaders in leak and spill protection.

Not only are our mats highly flexible, but they are also free of toxic VOC's, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Installation and removal for clean-up are a breeze with Xtreme Mats. Say goodbye to messy, dirty, or disorganized cabinets with our under-sink cabinet mats, which keep water and other liquids from seeping into the cabinets, thereby reducing the risk of water damage, and potential mold and mildew issues caused by prolonged leaks.

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  • Holds up to 3.6 gallons of liquid in the event of a product spill or leak
  • Unmatched protection against sink leaks, soap spills, water damage, and more
  • Modern design with no VOC or off-gassing
  • Angled sides and rear wall ensure a snug fit
  • Water sensor location on all mat designs
  • Eco-friendly low-density polyethylene construction allows for flexibility and durability
  • Textured surface keeps items off the bottom of the mat in case of leaks
  • Drip tray, under sink cabinet mat, and shelf liner all-in-one

  • Benefits:

  • One-time expense to continuously protect cabinetry and flooring
  • Optional water sensor alerts you to the presence of a leak
  • Cuts turn times and costs
  • Prevents water damage
  • Protects asset value
  • Early leak detection
  • Reduces insurance claims
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Avoids costly litigation cases brought by mold exposure
  • Installs in seconds to conceal old damage when repair isn't an immediate option
  • Flexible

    Eco-Friendly low-density polyethylene construction allows for flexibility and durability

    Remarkable flexibility

    Crafted from a flexible and pliable material that can easily adapt to the contours of your cabinet base. This exceptional flexibility allows for seamless installation and ensures a snug and secure fit, even in cabinets with irregular shapes or corners.


    Eco-Friendly low-density polyethylene construction allows for flexibility and durability

    Ultimate Protection

    The innovative design, precise fit, high-quality construction and durable materials, ensure that every inch of your cabinet base is shielded, preventing any moisture or debris from seeping through and causing harm.

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